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assalamualaikum, hai all . its my first post in my blog . its me nurul. why i am doing this blog maybe , i want to tell you about real life . and i really really need is your advice , your opinion about what i want to do and if it false please do reprimand me. ok ? thanks for the support ! wink. sorry if my english is very very worst i am try to talk and make it better in my english maybe because i need it one day to face everyone in this world . everyone know that english is very important in your life. so , its not false to learn right ? hmm . help me. seriously i need it . ohmyEnglish. yes , i planned to attend english class but i don't know where to go . so far and no transport. i am not rich , and so poor just humble and simple. Hmm. For the first entry in this blog i want to tell you about my purpose to have this blog. ok lets list it ;)

I want to tell you all about :

  1. my feeling 
  2. my opinion
  3. my life
  4. my advice 
4 only in my mind now i can think and list why i am doing this blog.

Then i need your reply about this blog ;)

  1. your advice
  2. your feeling
  3. your opinion
  4. your question 
and so on . I really really appreciate it so much. :) thanks for your cooperation . hee.

Thats all from me. Thank you. XOXO

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