Football Malaysia vs Thailand

Assalamualaikum , hai all. Today i'm done watching football matches Malaysia vs Thailand . yeah so excited to watch this game , cheering louder with family , my mum dad , sister, so awesome , and i could not stop from tweet and tweets about the football game. Of course i support Malaysia yeah my own country , Harimau Malaya. The players play so awesome and one player that attract me so much is Mat Yo. yeah so awesome and great this guy in this match . and the superb is when he finally goal in this match for the first time. And i so proud of him because i support him so much . i don't know why maybe he play very good from the first time i saw him play in the game with Indonesia, hmm such a great right ? i am totally not love football game but i love watching Malaysia's game. what game i don't care i always support Malaysian :) no Chelsea , Manchester United ,Arsenal or bla bla bla. i don't know at all because it is not Malaysian player. so whatever. But this time Malaysia withh Thailand draw . 1-1. so bad . However Harimau play the best tonight and i am so proud of them. wink, Mat yo ! play more much greatest next time Harimau in Thailand. I pray Malaysia win. All Malaysians pray you will win . yeahh Good Luck ;) 
yeah thats Mat Yo (Norshahrul Idlan Talaha) the good player this night ;)

okay thats all from me do comment anything . Thank you. xoxo

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