heart touched

hey i'm totally like their acting <3 huuu , love it so much, i believe who watch their movie will like them too , especially girls , haha :)
Lee Dong Wook -Scent of a woman
so handsome right ? i'm melting doh . haha

Jang Geun Suk - You're Beautiful
sooo handsome and cool , oh i love his style very much :) 

haha, my holidays filled with korean movie , wow its so fun aite ? i just like watching certain movie yeah like im done watched were You're Beautiful , Scent of A woman , and Boys before flowers . 
of coure i like You're beautiful will be the first ranking in my heart <3
oh Gu Mi Nam. i remember that . haha , who watch it , they know ! :) don't miss watching yea .
that two actors in the picture i like the most , thank you for touch my heart during your acting Jang Geun Suk and Lee Dong Wook.

-thank you-

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